Course: Creative Design

Instructor :

  • Byung-Woo Hong (email:

Course Description :

  • The class will consider real-world problems and investigate on how to solve them in a systematic way employing building blocks of logical thought and scientific knowledge. We will have a number of team projects that are designed to be solved using Lego Mindstorms.

Course Structure :

  • We will have lectures and practices on ROBOLAB programming (Lego C programming is also allowed to use in doing team projects, but we are not going to cover it in the class)
  • Each student will be a member of a team that is to collaborate on missions
  • Each team needs to build a robot using Lego Mindstorms and write a program to complete mission
  • A number of missions will be given and the team project score is determined based on the mission performance

Grading :

  1. Team project score (60%)
  2. Assignment (20%)
  3. Class attendance (10%)
    • missing 30 minutes results in absence
    • 2 lateness is equivalent to 1 absence
    • 4 or more absence results in the failure of the class
  4. Class participation (10%)