To build a computer system that can see like we do

The main objective of Image Laboratory at Chung-Ang University is to understand how human visual system works and to develop computer algorithms that can ideally replace human visual capability.

The image formation is a process that involves high complex interactions of objects with lights. Such understanding is a key to build a computer system that can interpret the scene presented in image and we focus on a combination of understanding and simulating scenes in images.

The major interests of our research mainly include Medical Image AnalysisComputer VisionPattern RecognitionImage Processing in a wide range of domains such as Computer-Aided Diagnosis systems, object recognition systems, image google, autonomous vehicle systems, robot vision systems, mobile vision applications and many others.

We encourage you to join us to build a better world where machine also can see.

Contact Information: (email) hong@cau.ac.kr (phone) +82-(0)2-820-5842

Address: Department of Computer Science, Chung-Ang University, Seoul, 156-756, Korea

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